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The German Military Mark

The M.D.Stone Collection of German WWII Uniforms.

This is my Master Uniform builder, modifier, and advisor, having many years under his belt working in the business, Nearly every uniform on my site he has either done the work on it, or re worked, or at least advised me on it. I've worked with him for some time,and he will do you right. He is really an expert on the WWII German era history, and I think I've given him many challenges with the oddity's of many uniforms, but in large he ended up doing most of the research of these uniforms real and reenactment, the works, and has helped a great deal on the US. Military of WWII and Vietnam War era uniforms as well


                    Check Out Cyrus Lee at

This is one of his latest books, he has written many and they cover the spectrum of uniforms from the real deals, to Reproductions, to fun trips, he's been at it for some time, many good stories for young folk to maybe read, and other (Mostly German History) type World War Two information in his volumes of books.