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The German Military Mark

The M.D.Stone Collection of German WWII Uniforms. 

Photo Gallery

Category: Heer Uniforms:

Part #2, Heer, Infantry :
Part #3, Heer Infantry :
Part #4, Heer Infantry:
Part #2, Heer Jager:
Part #2, Gebirgsjäger,:
Part #3, Gebirgsjager:
Heer, Ski-Jager:
Heer, Fallschirmjager:
Heer, Grenadier's:
Heer, Panzergrenadiers:
Part #2, Panzergrenadiers:
Part #2, Panzerjager Units:
Part #3, Panzerjager Units:
Heer, Artillery Units:
Heer, Transportation Group:
'Heer' Wehrmacht Cavalry:
Part #2, Heer Cavalrymen:
Heer Panzertruppen:
Heer Assault Guns.
Heer, Sanitator and Doktor's.
Heer, Panzer-Pioneer:
Heer, Pioneer (Infantry):
Part #2, Heer Generals:
Deutsche Afrika Korps (DAK):
GD. Sturmgeschutz Crew:
Grossdeutschland Supply:
Wehrmacht Winter Suits:
"Lehr Division" :
Part #2, "Lehr Division" :
Part #3, Lehr Division:
Commemorative Insignia:
Wehrmacht Georgian Legion:
Part #2, Cossack Volunteers