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The German Military Mark

The M.D.Stone Collection of German WWII Uniforms. 

Photo Gallery

Political Groups, & Leader: Political Groups, & Leader: Adolf Hitler's Fashion Statment.... Then there is the the NAZI's themselves, and their leader, the one who inspired a people and army to try and conquer the world, the impossible, the miracle, the put this man in charge of the Nazi Party, and then the Chancellor of Germany, who made himself Der Fuhrer, what are the odd of finding one of his uniforms...... 206002765 Fuhrer Jacket: This Example, is, the Late war, Greenish, Field-Gray Color, You can see them worn in the late stages of the Second World War. 206002757 Fuhrer Jacket: As with everything with Adolf's Stuff, Everything is pretty spiffy. The National Eagle, Custom Woven.....Hitler was about the visual show. 206002758 Fuhrer Jacket: I do not wish to get in, of discuss the Hitler / Germany Phenomenon, but just show the jacket as it were, ,Her we see His ever-present, NAZI Party Membership Pin "ABOVE" His WW I, Iron Cross and Wound Badge....He earned in in Battle, in France. 206002759 Fuhrer Jacket: The Soft, Artificial Silk lining of the Jacket, and Makers Tag on the inside. 206002760 Fuhrer Jacket: One of his Visor Cap's, again in the Deep "Feldgrau" Color, with the Gold Piping, Chin Cords of Gold Braid. 206002762 Fuhrer Jacket: The Brown Band and Visor "Bill", Retaining the "Political" Field of His, NAZI Party. And the Special Eagle and Wreath with cockade in it.....Non-Military... supposedly. 206002761 Fuhrer Jacket: The inside of the crown...with the plastic patch sewn into the top, with makers name, owners name, and size. 206002763 Hitler and his namesake. The Fuhrer with his hero's of Berlin, the Hitler Youth and Volkssturm who fought for him, rather is was dedication to duty, or by direct order, Brainwashing in every way, or simply not knowing why is up for discussion, but they died for him, and he had absolutely no respect for them, that's the bottom much for Blind Faith. 206002764