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The German Military Mark

The M.D.Stone Collection of German WWII Uniforms. 

The two latest are females of WWII, Serving with the German / Civilian Groups, as per norm, And one male- from a rare outfit. I'll get the story's in here soon as I we get that figured out better, no caps unfortunately, but the Red Cross woman would have had that typical white head band with a red cross on It I should think.

I actually have a dozen items on the burner, but back burners, As the cost of living goes up, and nothing comes in anymore, I have insignia filling drawers, awaiting to be applied back to a uniform one day, I have had to slow down my friends that make this happen, and we hash things over- but the uniforms and insignia are not with me, and I'm not sure when the rest of these will come back together, but I'm working on it, and I'll keep adding to the site(s), as they come together, again, like 10 will be pre war insignia, and or early war- so will really have filled that are in, overkill in a big way, but I love the insignia and want it to be used -on a uniform, so there ya go, we do the best we can do every time, and I have no way to tell if I ever can get my money back out of these-hope ya like the uniforms, and the stories we're able to put together for them, no most are not real, but some of the insignia I thought was - German uniform stuff, 99% grabbed up before the 80's was over. And thought I paid of to 20K for one, wont again. So its more about the insignia then the uniform. style, of which there are basically 4, and then work and dress uniforms come in. The uniforms have been put in a order I understand, and other may not like, I'm just trying to show the uniforms to justify the means, they will come up for sale likely one day in the future. Anyways, Keep on Trucking, Be Safe, and take care. Mark.

Ok last night-took some pictures, edited today, and will get on site, and with stories soon.

Ok, got some more uniforms, that have been sitting her, takes me a while sometimes to get them on the site, but this is a interesting bunch. Ya know, we have another book coming out, actully a couple in the works I think-if your interested will be out there I'll let ya know.

We have stuff going on still-don't give up hope-I know the world and the country has changed, lets stay safe, and healthy, and well were in Gods hands, I have been gaining uniforms, and this is some really interesting stuff I never figured I ever see. really rare and has missed most of the histories files. I don't know how much farther I can got wit the collection. there has to be a end game, and and well I've just gotten old, I have no less than 9 uniforms hanging here to photograph and put on site, all part of the same story, that is there all Specialists, and Beamte Civilian who work with the military) which is really, not all that un-common it the way of Stores say on the PX today to Black Water, Their people often did specialist work needed as mechanics, and office clerks, helping in administrative and other prior jobs like mail men. So I'll light a fire under it and try to get them on this site- been hard at work one the mirror site of this that has all my US. Military Collection....I bounce back and forth-keeps me busy during the pandemic, be well. Mark

Like on the US. Collection's 'Site', this 'Site' has uniforms waiting to be assed, and storied added, so here is some of them, I'll get them on the site soon, as always some interesting subjects, and stuff you don't see everyday.


OK, back from two week trip, and these 3 of the Panzergrenadier, the Spanish Volunteer, and the Turk-Tanker stories have been added to the site.

Got 6 n-7 new uniforms, but I'm going on a trip, so I'll add the story later-and the rest of the pictures, but here are 3 of them that are ready to go. First-a Ritterkreuztrager, Oberfeldwebel Helmut Thierfelder 6./Panzergrenadier-Regiment 33, Kurland 1944. Then General Agustin Munoz Grandes, Division Azul 1941-42, then we have and Legion Afklarungs Abteilung 236.

I have have been busy With family and home stuff, and still hard at re-organizing my storage of these uniforms, in our crawl space / basement...that's another story, but both sites and I have been working on and re-sorting out, re writing in many cases, and editing the pictures as I go too, sorry they seem very 'new' or unprofessional, they are- doing this myself, no schooling, I learn as I go, but I'm getting it. Hope you enjoy them at any rate, and eventually it will all come together, and I can get on with maybe selling them? Just explaining the situation of these sites, and get on with the history's being told threw my uniform collections. Mark Stone.

Recently the question has come up again of 'Is this all for sale' And it's actually going threw people asking threw my friends sites who help me get all this stuff together and laid out best we can. But the uniforms are mine, and I am not set up to use credit cards and/or pay pal and the like, nor to more them, I am old now and it is clear I will have to get this going, thing is, none of this is going to be cheap-I often have spent years finding where particular uniforms , insignia, and even medals and badges were used with whom and where and when-trying to get this all right. Now granted 98% are not real uniforms per say, but many have real. or what I thought was real insignia's and paid top dollar for a lot of the boards and badges, wee'd bee looking a an average of over $800.00 per uniform not the $75.00 or $100.00 that some may think-there I recommend one of the may reenactor site, I go there too, for some of my stuff and go from thereto change collars, sew everything on, and research the uniforms buy all the bits change buttons etc. But may be willing to talk with you in the future. I will be working on the situation by this winter I assume, see how things go, in the meantime-stay safe, and God Bless ya, I hope you like the site (as always still in progress,I've had big problem's when I decided to split the site in US. Uniforms and German/Axis uniforms, now 2 sites, and not getting any smaller.

Got some new stuff in a while back...l'm liking these...MS.

Not going to make any people from the Netherlands to happy, but here is another volunteer in the Waffen SS, another odd and unique uniform.

So then 'pop'ed' a couple more uniforms onto the sit- still have to add their story's yet, but its a start again. A SS NCO of the Wiking Division, and a Spanish Volunteer-operating with the Kriegsmarine.

Well-Hope people are hanging in there- with the Coronavirus treat, I have been trying to edit and upgrade my uniform websites, and came across this shoot- me and 2 of my buddies that work with me on the books we've put out, this was a get together, with Grant from Whidbey Island, and Cyrus from over in Montana, and Me from Edmonds Washington...met here at the Paul Allen Tank and Aircraft Museum at Pain Field in Everett Washington, anyways stay well my friends, stay safe in these trying time, things will come back to normal one day here. Mark.

Ok-been clicking away- getting uniform shot, edited and starting to get on site(s) so expect to see some new uniforms being added soon.

Just an update, I wont people to know where I'm coming from, Some people are quite sensitive to anything German from WWII, theirs a giant phobia there, I hear it, at the bank and what not why do you want this? Why do I have to see this (You don't have to) but you can read a bit, There might be there 'Fakes' attitude is there, well, ya most are not real- after 70 years few real ones are around any more if so-there falling apart literally. I seen a lot sold as real that are not- expensive (yes), rare (yes) - realistic- ya some, so I grabbed them, I've even had stuff made (and not cheaply)...and Well so, I was a collector, of Historic memorabilia, German / WWII insignia it was for the most part, but I also got into a lot of American and Allied WWII, and to Vietnam, and other country s uniforms-as well, now i'm filling in the blank's all interesting stuff to me, and I keep learning a lot, as I add stuff to the site. That's all and good, and thought others may be interested in it too, and I can show all this stuff I put together, and get it out of storage.for the most part I haven't gotten to much bad feedback on this site, I just hate it when I don't get a blink of an eye, it German WWII- I hate it! but to clarify, The site is to tell a bit of the history of WWII, by use of these uniforms, the uniforms, in large were made up by using up my collection of 'German WWII Uniform Insignia' now I have a bunch of single items I may have to try and sell, but putting collar tabs, or shoulder boards, other bits and pieces I decided to put the sets on jackets and shirts, and show them like that...this just cost me more money, but got loads done, and now I'm at the point of justifying the collection but putting them on my website(s) so people can see them, and see what they looked like if researching some part of WWII? and now I am thinking of selling stuff off, not a scam, but wont if I don't get my money back out of them at least. so that is were I stand, hope you enjoy them, I'm not out to preach ideology's, Politics or Antisemitism, Just show the collection- answer some questions-tell what the represent or are about, there were a few real pieces, and there noted, all I can say is learn history what has happened, why, and the repercussions...History is important, learn it, because we sure don't want it to repeat itself...we may not survive it next time. Oh ya, here is the book we got out on the M-36 uniforms and their special insignia, it came out to a while back too you might like it.

                                       Thanks taking a minute to read, and for looking, Mark.

I did manage to get a couple more out of limo, and onto the site,, stories will come in a couple days. MDS.

I have taken pictures of some 27 uniforms for the site, and there is still more to shoot- getting them on the site might be tricky but I'm working on the problem...Mark. it seems that I'm going to have to cut down...again, for a third time- considerably, like each uniform will have to be shown in 3 maybe 5 max, pictures, this will not allow me to mention every detail, but will crunch the unit history down and throw some uniform particulars in there but have to downsize considerably. Sorry many will miss out on the details, but at least the uniforms can get shown..some 60 waiting to get on the sit yet.

The Study of Uniforms of the German WWII Armed Forces still grows, there are piles of stuff here matching Caps with uniforms, and try to shoot pictures of yet here, this winter I hope to get that done and start getting them on the site, Time has flown by and a lot has happened, and I have moved many uniforms with there stories an ( Re-Editing) in the process, has been a huge project for me, but soon, in a few month I hope the have the 2 sites separated- 1 for US ( and 1 just for the German (Axis WWII) stuff from this collection. I have the Wehrmacht pretty much complete now, that is Army Navy And the German Air force, and about 1/2 the Waffen-SS. edited and on the German Site ( So come in see what you can see. (Note these are historical replace uniforms), made by copying photos, and doing our homework on them, there as close as we could get, often the whole uniform is built around 1 or 2 items on it. so if you don't want you kid's learning about this or looking at the pictures, of the uniforms, re-frame from doing so...just trying to show this collection and tell there stories.. 


I have been adding more 'pictures' into albums of date no 28 uniforms of the 'Heer' part of the German Wehrmacht of WWII, 25 uniforms of the Kriegsmarine of the same period, 62 Luftwaffe Uniforms on this far- something like 3 more Heer-Uniforms can be built, and then into the Waffen SS Uniforms...and there is more of those the all the this is going to take a while, and then the stories have to be edited and moved to (This Site) from the original but if you want to read them still, or see the pictures, that site still has them there as well, more com-pleat but in the removal mode...there being removed from there as they get completed, here some of the most recently added, now these still need there stories....but there coming. 


Oh...ya better show some of the Kriegsmarine that has been added to the site.

Well you gonna have go over these too.....enjoy.

I have been working on the site as much as I can trying to transfer, edit, rewrite, and re edit picture...many of the earlier one are pretty poor from years ago...but got threw the Grossdeutschland Division uniforms, went threw all the Luftwaffe, and the Kriegsmarine uniforms, and well into the rest of all the Heer Wehrmacht uniforms in the M.D.Stone Collection, well many are still awaiting the story too, but the pictures on the site are re-edited ones.

Well, OK, I've been a very busy boy...In more ways than this site, but have added, or moved many Uniforms to the site of recent, a bunch of Luftwaffe fellows. Get a load of this.....